Miscellaneous B3ta Photoshoppery

Porn Tokens

December 18, 2005

The ideal last-minute Christmas present...

Run away! Run away!

April 11, 2005

He's a big softy, really...

Ah, but is he a Catholic?

April 3, 2005

The real reason why Christopher Eccleston didn't want to do a second series of Dr Who...

No points from Apple for this one...

Sept 10, 2004

Sorry for pun. (Actually, I like the iPod - apart from the lack of Ogg Vorbis support and gapless playback, anyway)

My goodness - my Guinness!

June 21, 2004

This is what it looks like when I try to draw a shamrock in Guinness...

Get the chest wax!

June 2, 2004

Well, nobody mentioned anything about a dress code...

Test Card

May 28, 2004

So this is what they get up to when the programmes aren't on...

A more appropriate Fosters logo in these post-World Cup days. Well, it was before we started losing again, anyway.

Nov 23, 2003

Well, you've got to gloat, haven't you?

A trashy S Club 7-based pun

April 29, 2003

I guess I had to do a SARS joke at some point, and this one had been stuck in my head for ages. Yes, with the bloody song, as well...



Half badger, half magpie

June 12, 2004

Badger/magpie. What else can I say?


B3ta Challenge: Channel 4 Alternative Christmas

Mmm... pie...

Nov 14, 2004

It looked better in my mind...


B3ta Challenge: Bob Ross

Mmm... pie...

Sept 21, 2004

'lo Bob!

Bob Ross as a gargoyle

Sept 19, 2004

As Half Man Half Biscuit pointed out, 99% of gargoyles look like Bob Ross.


B3ta Challenge: If magic were real

Vote Trevor in the next election!

August 30, 2004

I'd vote for Magical Trevor. Wouldn't you?


B3ta Challenge: Monuments that should exist

mmm... pie...

June 1 , 2004

Sorry. Too much Weebl & Bob.


June 1 , 2004


Seamless. *ahem*

May 29, 2004

One Michaelangelo's David, there's only one Michaelangelo's David...

Makes more sense if you look at the large version.

May 29, 2004

And lo, there was bandwaggonage.


B3ta Challenge: Software we really need

I believe Microsoft rejected this at the early stages.

Feb 21, 2004

I swear, sometimes it feels like this is the version I installed...


B3ta Challenge: New Japanese products

...but it probably still tastes better than New Coke.

July 17, 2003

Let's face it, after Pocari Sweat, anything seems possible...


B3ta Challenge: Nuns

Bandwagonage? Moi?

April 26, 2003

Well, somebody had to do it...

Ozzy Ozbourne decides on a career change.

April 25, 2003

Sharon! SHARON!

Coming soon to a seaside arcade near you!

April 25, 2003

My first animation. Could have done with being a bit bigger, really.


B3ta Challenge: Computer or video games that were never made

Yet another atrocious Nintendo-based pun.

April 25, 2003

Look closely... do you see what we did there?

An Acornsoft text adventure gets the treatment.

April 24, 2003

Oh dear, oh dear. The puns get worse, don't they?

This is why you never find any Atari stuff at boot sales these days.

April 24, 2003

Who knew at the time? And why did I let my parents persuade me to sell all my old Atari stuff for £25 in 1986?

Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed Tasha Yar and the Atari 2600?

April 24, 2003

The thing is, Tasha Yar probably would fire bolts of electric death from her gob, given half a chance...

You won't see this one on the Gamecube. Not unless you're on drugs, at least.

April 23, 2003

Sega realised monkeys were cooler, and the rest is history. Try to ignore the crapness of the legs.

For extra pleasure, imagine that's Gracie down there.

April 23, 2003

Heh. Freeloader, we love you.

Gratuitous tone-lowering. Again.

April 22, 2003

The original version was going to be called this, but the resolution wasn't high enough for hair, so they renamed it.

The Queen Mum as a secret agent. Whatever next?

April 21, 2003

Straight to hell for this one. Still, it got a laugh.

Small one!

April 21, 2003

No, I don't know whose butt that is. No, it isn't mine. Really.

Way of the Exploding Fist, in association with Trashy Puns-R-Us.

April 20, 2003

Not particularly exciting, but it was my first one, so *thrrp*.


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